Our Research School

Littleport Community Primary is the Research School for the East Cambridgeshire and Fenland Opportunity Area. We are committed to developing evidence-based practice to improve outcomes for children through investigating what works best in the classroom to develop teaching practice further.

The Research Schools Network gives schools the opportunity to work more closely together at a local and national level, and we aim to make our network the springboard for making a real difference to children, teachers, families and other partners in the East Cambridgeshire and Fenland Opportunity Area. It is only through breaking down barriers, learning from each other, sharing best practice and looking more widely at what really impacts in the classroom that schools can continually improve, which everyone benefits from.

Moreover, as a Research School in an Opportunity Area, we aim to make a real difference to all young people over the longer term, meaning that life skills and wider opportunities are developed through primary, secondary and beyond, so that everyone can “spread their wings and fly”.